Simple to use, yet a very powerful tool


Simple to use, yet a very powerful tool

More than 200 vehicles

  • The most common cars around the world
  • Highly detailed models
  • You can edit 14 parts of cars individually
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Design library

  • Library of 250+ designs
  • Change colors or finish
  • Data available at www.wrapstock.com

1080+ wrap films


  • Design library of 50+ free designs
  • Data ready to download
  • Easy to use

Video presets

  • Library of 14 video presets
  • From slow to dynamic videos
  • Created by a professional filmmaker

13 Scenes

  • 13 scenes represent environments around the world
  • Real-world day and night lighting
  • High detailed props

2D preview

  • One-click picture exporter
  • 8 photo layouts
  • Put your logo and send your client in seconds
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Photo mode

  • Find the best camera angle or use preset
  • Set picture resolution
  • Lens settings for real-world depth of field

Import your logo

  • Put your logo almost anywhere in the scene
  • Change the license plate
  • Always see the logo in the top right corner

Import Your design

  • Put your design on every car
  • Change finish or color
  • Full wrap, partial wrap, decal, or window banner
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