Experience the power of customization with 3D Changer: the ultimate car wrap configurator for wrap shops and designers.

300+ Vehicles

With over 300 vehicles to choose from, including the most popular cars and commercial vehicles, 3D Changer offers highly detailed models that allow you to customize 40 different parts of the car.

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Design import

Take your livery designs to the next dimension. Preview them on 3D models of cars and see how different finishes and colors change the look. Create your library of full or partial wrap designs, decals, or window banners.

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3D Changer includes 3 000+ wrap films from the top 22 manufacturers. With a vast range of colors and finishes, you'll be sure your customers find the perfect match for their style.

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Easily import your 3D models and visualize wrap films and designs on them! Import your models in the FBX, OBJ, or STL format. If you want to see wrap designs on your models, they must have a UV map. We recommend 3D models from https://3dmodels.org/


Check out the design library featuring 350+ Wrapstock designs that you can preview on 3D car models. If you find a design you like, print data is available for purchase at www.wrapstock.com.

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60+ Free cut designs

Get access to over 60+ free cut designs, all with ready-to-download cut data. Our designs are simple and easy to use, making it easier for you to start your wrapping business.

26 backgrounds

Choose from 14 scenes and 12 HDRI backgrounds that represent different environments. These scenes feature real-world day and night lighting, weather, and high-detailed props for added realism.

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Customize the car's wheels with a selection of 70+ options, including Vicrez wheels. You can easily change rims and tires and choose colors to your liking.


Enhance your pictures and videos with our advanced camera mode. Experience greater control by adjusting the depth of field, zoom, and focus. Apply presets or save your custom settings.

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Enjoy unlimited rendering capabilities, allowing you to produce as many high-resolution images as you desire with just a few simple clicks. Create stunning photos that truly reflect your vision.

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Tune the video sequences to perfection by adjusting them to your desired specifications. Directly export videos featuring the customized car, previous skills with 3D art are not needed.

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Select from several templates and render saved camera positions with just one click. Save the previews and share your work with your clients.

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Have your company logo displayed on license plates or have it constantly visible while playing in 3D Changer. Make your brand stand out.

Touch Screen Ready

You can also use a touch screen to operate the 3D Changer software.